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Wave goodbye to tired eyes with this soothing treatment oil for your peepers. Containing all organic ingredients, this lightweight oil works to brighten and de-puff naturally whilst the metal rollerball feels incredible on the delicate eye area…

Available exclusively on A Beautiful World and launching today is the highly anticipated Oculus Formula from Josh Rosebrook, we’ve been lucky enough to test this before its launch and can safely say the hype surrounding this gorgeous brand and new release is very well deserved.

The Oculus Formula is a nutrient rich, lightweight oil for eyes; it aims to protect, regenerate and visibly brighten the delicate skin whilst minimising and preventing fine lines too. What makes this serum so unique, however, is how Josh creates a herbal infusion for his formulas, not just mixing up extracts of this ingredient or that. The herbs he uses all benefit the eye area for different reasons and are infused into a carefully thought out blend of nut and seed oils.
In this case we have camelina seed oil, which is incredibly high in essential fatty acids, to moisturise, and vitamin E to improve elasticity and smooth skin. There’s also hemp seed oil, grapeseed, almond, sunflower and coconut oils that blend together to create a lightweight oil that sinks into skin immediately – there’s no need to worry about concealer slipping here, so you can safely use this during the day too.

The herbs used are all potent healers to offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to soothe and reduce puffiness as well as strengthening that oh-so-delicate skin structure. Calendula flowers, eyebright, alfalfa, fennel, blueberry and neem leaf are just a few you will find here.

We’ve been keeping this little bottle safely hidden away in the fridge and pull it out every morning to let the metal rollerball really get to work and offer a boost to tired eyes – instantly awakening and transforming the eye area, even after a poor nights sleep.
We can tell this will be just perfect as warmer nights approach and sleep is a difficult thing to achieve. No one will know thanks to this little wonder!

Priced at £54 this is quite the investment, but still a reasonable price when it comes to the world of eye treatments – you can easily pay double from the high-end brands for something that doesn’t contain half as many divine ingredients. Make sure you also take advantage of the launch offer on A Beautiful World at the moment too for 10% off, every little helps!

Have you ever used an eye oil before?


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