A Dry Shampoo With A Difference

If there’s one beauty buy we’re always on the hunt for, it’s a good quality dry shampoo. Ideal for refreshing second day hair and adding texture and volume to flat locks, a good dry shampoo shouldn’t be passed up…

This bright bottle was sitting on the clearance shelves on Superdrug when we spied it, but something about the interesting packaging had us snapping it up.
The dry shampoo isn’t an aerosol like all the other releases we’ve tried, this comes in a squeezy bottle with a small twist opening, so you can lightly ‘puff’ the powder over hair. The concept can be hit and miss, but we’re pleased to reveal this may be one of the best hair purchases we’ve made.

The powder quickly lands on the locks like a fine mist, coating the hair in a light white powder that can be easily massaged in. It instantly absorbs oils and gives hair a fresh, matte finish – with tonnes of texture.
You can pull off pretty much any style after just one application; hair seems thicker, it stays in style easier and you can change the style without much effort. It’s an updo essential, basically…

What’s more, it really guarantees an extra few days out of your blowdry – we can’t believe just how well this works. It’s ideal for applying to hair before bed, to ensure volumised, Blake Lively locks come morning.

There’s no powdery feeling, no grey hue to dark locks and it doesn’t take much to wash out either. Fine-haired girls are going to love this miracle worker!

Have you tried anything like this? 

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