TWB: Is Hair Perfume a Thing?

We have a beauty collection that would make most wide-eyed with shock, but even we were missing this multi-use buy from our stash. A perfectly packaged face, body and hair spritz that hydrates and tones? Do go on…

This dreamy cocktail of all-natural ingredients is basically magic in a bottle; it’s a multi-purpose mist that aims to hydrate and wash the skin and hair with a brilliant rose-scented spritz.
The formula contains essential oils, flower essences and waters to create something so unique – and the brand are entirely vegan and animal friendly.

Feel like freshening up in a few quick seconds? Lightly mist yourself with a good amount of Love + Rose, it’s a reviving concoction that adds a dewy radiance to the complexion and even works to turn around second day hair.

We’ve found this is a neat little buy for ensuring hair is always swishy and scented – if you’re around smokers or often cook strongly-scented foods, this is the pick for you. A few quick sprays on dry or damp hair and your locks will soon smell pretty special.
We have the larger 8 .oz size, but we recommend the smaller size for handy applications throughout the day – it’s the ultimate handbag product to go overboard with post-work on Friday evenings!

This is a hair perfume and so much more – it’s a wash of moisture and rose petals in a bottle. Use it as a toner morning and night, as a hair perfume or just for a dose of hydration throughout the day. Divine.

Have you tried a hair perfume?

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