Recipe: Nourishment Lunch Bowl

If you’ve even so much as glanced at Pinterest in recent months, you’ll know all about Nourishment Bowls; the food-art of nourishing goodness in one big bowl. Want to make your own? Here’s some ideas for fillings…

Nourishment bowls are basically deconstructed salads; you can add in anything you choose and get stuck in. We like to have a mix of vegetables, with lots of protein, some complex carbs and a bit of healthy fats – the more colour variations, the better. It’s all about nourishing your body, and making an incredible lunchtime (or dinner) meal in no time.

We went for roasted sweet potato, but you could choose brown or wild rice, butternut squash (also roasted – heavenly), bulgar wheat…

Go for leftover cold chicken or turkey, or grilled and sliced chicken breast, or any kind of meat you prefer. You could also have quinoa, tofu, tempeh, eggs or pulses.

Healthy Fats
Pile on houmous, avocado, olive oil or nut butter for some more yummy goodness.

Go big with your veggies and make sure half of the bowl is made up of these – don’t forget about spring onion, radish, peppers or carrots. You can also roast or lightly fry any of these; think leeks, shallots, courgettes, mushrooms and aubergine.
You can also add in fruit such as mango, grapes or pomegranate to shake things up a little.

Throw on some chia seeds, coconut oil or seeds and nuts for crunch.
Sweet Potato & Falafel Nourishment Bowl

You Will Need:

  • 1 sweet potato, peeled and diced
  • 1 red onion, quartered
  • 3 falafels
  • Baby Gem lettuce
  • plum tomatoes
  • caramelised onion houmous
  • 1 leek, sliced
  • quinoa
  • olive oil
  • butter

Step One
Start by roasting your chopped sweet potato and red onion in a bit of coconut oil. Add in some seasoning and place in the oven at 180C. If you are cooking your falafel from frozen or chilled, add them in too.

Step Two
While your veggies are roasting, make up your quinoa according to pack instructions. We love to make a big batch at the start of the week so we have it ready – add in lots of seasoning, such as a stock cube, a bit of curry powder and cayenne pepper. Once done, leave to sit while you get everything else ready.

Step Three
Start chopping your vegetables and displaying them nicely in a big bowl or lunchbox. We love working it so there are bursts of colour right around the bowl.

Step Four
In a frying pan, place a knob of butter or coconut oil over a low heat and add in your leeks. Fry lightly in a bit of salt and pepper until soft and slightly golden. Add them in to your bowl.

Step Five
Once the sweet potato, falafel and onion are golden and cooked through, layer them in the bowl too. Your bowl should be about done now. Finish off with the quinoa, then the houmous piled on top and finally a drizzle of olive oil and you’re set!

That’s all there is to it – it makes the perfect no-fuss meal, and you can work it round what you have in the kitchen that day!

Will you be making a nourishment bowl?

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