DIY Gold Plant Stand

Plant stands are everywhere on Pinterest, but surprisingly hard to find – especially if you live in the UK. We set out to make our own, and the results were pretty impressive…

You Will Need:


Step One
Start by placing down a few old towels or a dust sheet and getting your table top and legs ready for painting. We used spray paint as it’s quicker – white acrylic paint for the table top and gold metallic paint for the legs.
Spray from around 30cm away from the object and do a few thin coats, with a few minutes drying time in between.

Step Two
One the legs and top are completely dry, we need to secure the legs to the top. Start by standing your legs on the table top, so you can see where they need to go. There’s no real formula for this, just space them out evenly in a sort of triangle – one at the top (12o’clock) and the two others at the bottom corners (5o’clock and 7o’clock).

Plantstand 23

Step Three
Take a pencil and make where you will need to drill through the legs. Put the legs to one side and then drill using a drill bit thats about the same size of your screws.
There’s no need to drill all the way through the table top, so make sure to only go around 3/4 of the way through.

Step Four
Repeat step three for the holes in each hairpin leg, and then pick a screw that will hold the legs in place, but isn’t long enough to go right through the table top.
We used panhead screws, as they’re short but with a big head to hold the legs in place.

Step Five
Using a screwdriver, screw the legs to the table top. The legs are quite heavy, so make sure they’re in place well.

Stand your plant stand upright and display your favourite plant and pot! Pinterest worthy.

Will you be making a plant stand?

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