5 Pins We Love {14}

Another Pinterest roundup is coming your way – are you already swooning over our selection? Excuse us while we waste away our weekend dreaming of being beside that pool…

01. The ultimate shelfie! It’s no secret that we adore a well-organised shelf and we’re loving the balance between books and organised clutter seen here. We’re definitely borrowing the idea to display our books back-to-front for a less-cluttered feel, too. Pin here.

02. We finally got around to watching ‘Love, Rosie’ this week and Lily Collins has jumped straight to the top of our girl crush list, what a babe. Pin here.

03. These incredible blood orange and coconut marshmallows have been added to the ‘must make’ list this week. We’ve never made marshmallow before, afraid of the technical difficulties,Β but these are just too good to pass up. Pin here.

04. This absolutely amazing loft in Amsterdam is actually a showroom for homeware company The Loft. Everything you see is for sale, pretty amazing, huh. Whilst we love the decor, we’re also pretty obsessed with the space itself – a beautiful parquet floor and windows that dreams are made of! Can we move the Nouvelle office in, pretty please? Pin here.

05. It’s finally spring and we’re feeling the wanderlust hard. It doesn’t help when we’re always scrolling past shots like this on our Pinterest feed either. Paradise. Pin here.
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