5 Beautiful Blog Templates Under £20

budget_blog_templatesSometimes all your blog needs is a small makeover and suddenly you have a renewed enthusiasm for blogging. We’ve rounded up five of our favourite blog templates (and respective design shops) to help you on your way…

1. Labina-Studio “The Yorkshire” template, £6.73
This layout is perfect for any lifestyle or beauty blogger, just pick a sleek header image that sums up your site and you have yourself a stunning layout that looks like it was designed with you in mind. See the live preview here.

2. MTH Blog “London Fog” template, £10.10
If you’re after a minimalist design that still stands out, this layout is the perfect choice. We also love the Teal layout that’s similar but with a mint colour theme. See the live preview here.

3. Maira Gall Designs “The Kitchen” template, £16.83
Perhaps our favourite of the bunch, this template has been specially designed for food bloggers (but there’s no reason why a non-foodie blogger couldn’t customise it!) with a beautiful stylised sidebar. See the live preview here.

4. Sky and Stars “December” template, £13.46
A perfect layout choice if you really want your photographs to be the star of the show. This one column layout is super simple and clean with plenty of options to customise and make it yours. See the live preview here.

5. Luca Logos “Emma” template, £10.76
Our final choice is an all-round template choice for any blogger, we really like the contrast between crisp black lines and the soft calligraphy and polka dot header. It’s a really great design for a personal blog. See the live preview here.
Will you be giving your blog a refresh?


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