We’re Feeling: Moroccan Inspired Tiling

Perhaps it’s the promise of summer that has us drawn towards these Moroccan inspired tiles for our home – but whatever it is, we need some. Pronto.

A simple Pinterest search for ‘Moroccan tiles’ rewarded us with a dangerous combination of home envy, inspiration and an itch to go tile shopping! We love the variation of colour, patterns and the versatility of these designs. We’ve chosen a variety of images to show you, and all showcase the Moroccan designs completely differently; as flooring, around a fireplace, covering an entire wall or just as a splash back.

The designs work especially well to bring life into a kitchen or bathroom, we love the idea of a tiled splash back with the intricate designs, it really draws your eye, and it would be all you needed to instantly update any kitchen, old or new.

TilesThe trick to not overwhelming your space when incorporating something as visually striking as Moroccan tiling is to really simplify everything else, choose a coordinating colour scheme and keep decoration to a minimum to let the design be the main focus, too many accessories or pieces of wall art could distract the eye and look cluttered.

Take inspiration from the first image, the beautiful tiled floor is the only focus with everything else painted white. It’s near enough perfection.

What do you think about Moroccan inspired Tiles?


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  • http://www.polkadotlemon.com Sarah

    Oh I love these Moroccan inspired tiles! I definitely agree with what you said, it’s best not to overwhelm a room with them. I think they’d work well as a feature wall in a bathroom with the rest painted white, though.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon