The New-In Night Serum

Dr. Hauschka; a skincare brand that has previously gone entirely unmentioned on Nouvelle – surprising, right? Those days are over, however, as we’ve found a night treatment that’s going to be a staple all summer long…

Meet the Night Serum; a lightweight, oil-free gel/serum designed to be used on its own as you snooze, to allow your skin to breathe and rediscover its natural balance.
We don’t know about you, but sometimes – especially in the warmer weather – we tend to avoid piling on the layers of treatments, serums, oils and moisturisers in favour of letting our skin have some down-time. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of layers of skincare on your face when it’s already too warm to fall asleep.

The Night Serum is weightless on the skin, seconds after application it is already completely absorbed without leaving any residue or tacky feeling behind. To use, simply apply a thin layer after your usual cleansing and toning routine. You can follow with extra moisturiser if your skin is very dry or a targeted spot treatment if you feel you need it.

Another point to note is that unlike other night time specific serums, this one is beautifully simple; it isn’t promising the earth with 20+ rare rainforest bioactives and precious gem powders that knock 10 years off the clock. It has a humble ingredients list focussing on apple blossom extract, apple fruit hydrosol and witch hazel to tone, hydrate and refresh as the skin goes about its natural renewal process.

What’s more it actually works and we’ve been so impressed with the condition of our skin each morning! We’re definitely hooked on this new less is more approach as we head into summer.

Have you tried Dr. Hauschka?


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  • Pink Elephant Blog

    I really like the sound of this serum! I am not a fan of putting too many products on my skin at night anyway, so this sound perfect!

    Alex |

  • Lauren S

    Definitely agree, sometimes less really is more and in the summer you just want to let your skin breathe! Sounds like the perfect lightweight combo though

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Sounds nice … :-) Would perhaps have prefered a flacon with a pump which is a bit more handy when it comes to light texture.

  • nueyork

    This sounds so lovely and I adore the simplistic packaging!

  • Sara Fleming

    This sounds lovely! I’ve been on the hunt for a new night time serum, so I’ll definitely check it out!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • London Leopard

    Thanks for the post, looks like it’s worth trying. I have never tried Dr. Hauschka before, but it seems to be a hit with beauty bloggers. :)

  • Angeline

    Wow it sounds like one to try!!

  • Laura

    Sounds amazing – I love Dr H

    Laura | Laurzrah

  • Eloise Balazs

    I have been wanting to try a Dr H product and you’ve sold this one to me!
    Eloise x| natural/organic beauty/lifestyle blogger.

  • pocketful of make up.

    That sounds lovely! I found myself standing in front of the Dr. Hauschka Counter last week, wanting to try something from the brand but did not know what to pick up. Now I know 😉

    Marie x