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Staying Calm When Travelling


Whether you’re a frequent flyer or are doing one of your first trips away this summer, flying can be an anxious experience. Hopefully some of our tips will make you feel more at ease, so you can get on with enjoying your getaway…

Get Organised
The best way to feel at ease with your trip away is to feel in control; make up a to-do list a few weeks before you jet off, and slowly tick off tasks as you go. Last minute rushing around on the morning of your trip will only make you more nervous.
If you’re still wondering if what you have packed is right for where you’re going, just remember that all you really need is your passport, boarding passes and a credit/debit card/some form of funds. All the rest can be bought if you really need to – keep this in mind as the worries start to materialise, it really works to keep you level-headed.

Research Where You’re Off To
We’re not talking the usual restaurants, close beaches etc. (though this is a good plan!) – it’s also important to Google the weather for the time you’re there, as well as transport to/from the airport, getting around, anything you need to know about the culture.
If you can, print off all essential documents rather than having them on your phone or in emails. Little steps like this will really prep you for your trip away, so the worries won’t come in to play.

Keep Busy
Take a good book or some work with you to distract yourself while you’re onboard – a gripping read or good glossy magazine will take your mind off what’s going on in the background, so you can rest up.
Alternatively, make yourself a soothing playlist or follow this ‘most beautiful songs’ Spotify playlist for some easy listening on the move.

Don’t Do It Alone
It’s always good to have a travel buddy, a companion to help share the load and to keep each other in high spirits. It’s not always possible, if you have to fly solo with work commitments or whatever, but you can still strike up small talk with the person next to you.
It’s also a good idea to let the cabin crew know about your anxiety, it will really help to ease you in to your journey. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and sharing your worries will be like a small weight lifted.

Avoid Caffeine
Before a flight, we try to make sure we’re hydrated and have eaten a light meal. It’s a good idea to avoid caffeine and other stimulants as these will only heighten your fears. If you do have a glass of wine to help you settle in, don’t overdo it and ask for a glass of water on the side. It’s always a good idea to feel hydrated for your journey.

Keep A Few Essentials Close
Pack your cabin bag carefully; we recommend taking a set of headphones, something to help pass the time (such as a book or magazine), a bottle of water, an eye mask to allow for some snoozing, and anything else you deem essential for your trip.
We also really recommend the Origins Peace of Mind On The Spot Relief, this is a minty fresh formula to help clear your mind. The stress-relieving aroma eases pressure, tension and stress – just squeeze a dot on to the index fingers, rub together and gently breathe in deeply three or four times. It really is something to have on hand for nerve-wracking experiences!

Above all else, remember to breathe and enjoy your trip away. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the worries of travelling, so keep your mind on what you’re most looking forward to on your journey away.

Do you have any tips for dealing with travel anxiety?

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  • Angeline

    Love this, I only flew the other day back home and it was stressful to stay calm but when I got on the flight, I just calmed down and I’m so happy!

  • Lauren S

    Calm or relaxing music to chill to, walking around to release tension and get blood pumping, and sleep!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Jacqueline Sin

    These are really good tips :) I travel really often and have been on countless of 12 hour flights but for some reason still get nervous on flights :) My top tip is to make sure you feel comfortable (bring neck pillows, blankets) on the flight so that you are more likely to fall asleep and then wake up when your plane lands :) And yes a travel buddy is also useful as a distraction when the flight gets bumpy or when you are feeling nervous! :)

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  • nueyork

    These are amazing tips! I have my first long-haul flight coming up in August and I am doing it alone, so I think my stress levels will be quite high. I definitely think being organised will help things go smoothly, but I am a nervous flyer as it is. x

  • Fiona

    Great advice! For me, organisation is key. I get most anxious when I haven’t left myself enough time at the airport. Rushing is a personal nightmare.

    It would be great if you could check out my recent travel post…