A Long-Haul Holiday Staple

If you’re jetting off somewhere this summer (lucky you!), you may be concerned with how your skin will deal with the changes. Worry no more, as we introduce a skin treat to stock up on…

It’s not uncommon for us to land in our holiday destination with a seriously dehydrated complexion, as the changes in pressure, temperature etc. take hold and zap our skin of any moisture. Flights really do inflict some damage on our complexions, but this little wonder repairs and replenishes the face so you land with dewy, nourished skin.

All natural brand Elemental Herbology are one of our ‘go to’ skincare brands as their products just deliver, time after time. This overnight mask is no exception, the moisture-laden cocktail includes botanicals, collagen and amino acids to repair the skin and infuse the face with essential fatty acids.
This isn’t overly thick or rich, it feels like an intense moisturiser to apply – we like to cleanse our skin and then apply a thin layer as a barrier cream and to allow the soufflé to work it’s magic. Once it’s applied, just sit back and pass the time until it’s time to land. Either tissue off the mask before you land or leave it on until you’re ready to cleanse your skin. Easy peasy.

The cream comes in a tub, so we recommend decanting a small amount in to a travel-friendly pot for in-flight application. Alternatively, pick up the brands Weekend Facial Kit (£30), which contains travel-sized tubes of all three of their masks – it’s the best way to try the brand and your skin will thank you for it!

What are your tips for happy holiday skin? 

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  • Lauren S

    The kit sounds great for a travel-sized amount, and I love to use Clarins Hydraquench throughout a flight to keep my moisture up!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Angeline

    I got the detox mask last Sunday, I’m trying it out at the moment and honestly the brand didn’t disappoint!

  • Sara Fleming
  • krishjohnly

    Nice information! We should take more care about skin. The products which are shared in this blog about beauty was so good.

  • Jasmine Harding

    Elemental Herbology is one of my favourite skincare brands, i wish I had the money to re purchase it & pick up some more stuff from the shade! This sounds perfect for holidays, something creamy and hydrating is what I need in the sun!

    Jasmine |