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With this wintery weather coming down hard, it’s no wonder we’re all flocking to Netflix for entire evenings of great viewing. Put the kettle on, find your comfiest PJs and get watching some of this lot…

The second series of this British crime drama has just started up again, and we’re already hooked on the gripping storylines. The plot seesย David Tennant as DI Alec Hardy investigate a small town murder of a local boy, slowly a mystery unfolds as we suspect members of the community.
If you haven’t already seen the first series, make sure you catch up before getting involved with the second part.

This classic features J-Lo in a tough girl role as Slim, a waitress who finds her life transformed overnight when she marries a wealthy businessman. Soon cracks start to appear in the relationship and when the husband gets violent, Slim takes their young daughter and leaves. What follows is a thrilling chase as Slim learns how to fight for her life to get away from her former life.
It’s got an ‘original Gone Girl’ vibe with a much more believable twist!

God Help the Girl
Fans of Belle & Sebastian will love this charming tale which follows our main girl Eve as she deals with life while battling an eating disorder. After meeting a new group of friends, they slowly start to form a band.
The film is the work of Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian, and features some very lovely sounds. Well worth a look!

They Came Together
Sigh, our Amy Poehler obsession is still going strong! This quirky spoof comedy is all you need to beat those January blues; it tells the (very silly!) story of how Amy’s character met her man, Joel – played by the very loveable Paul Rudd.
It’s hilarious, completely ridiculous and features appearances from Ed Helms and Ellie Kemper – what more do you need?

Have you seen anything great recently?

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