TWB: 5 Ways To Use Skin Food

We’re yet to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate the miracle working ways of Skin Food; the budget buy counts Victoria Beckham and Rihanna amongst it’s loyal fans, and we totally get why…

Weleda Skin Food (£9.95) is a rich, skin-softening cream packed with nutrients to give back to the skin what is often lost through pollution and city-dwelling, combined with other factors such as bad diet and late nights – basically, it’s your BFF when work is crazy or your social life is full to the brim.
It’s quite a unique little product, so here’s five ways it can change your routine…

As A Moisturiser For Parched Skin
Although this is a rich cream we’re dealing with, it makes a pretty great moisturiser for skin in need. It’s not something you would need to use often, unless you have very dry skin, but when applied lightly once per week, it can really improve your complexion on the whole.
We recommend mixing a small amount with your favourite facial oil to make a gorgeous duo that will perk up skin in no time.

As A Mask For Lacklustre Skin
Skin suddenly feel like it might crack if you smile too much? Yuck. We love sweeping this on as a moisture mask when our face feels super dehydrated – it’s a must have if you’re prone to overdoing it on the acne creams and other harsh lotions and potions.
Double-cleanse skin and pat dry, then apply a liberal layer of Skin Food before having some down time with a cup of tea – you can leave this on for as long as you wish, but between 20 and 30 minutes is usually enough.
Simply dab off and you’re ready for bed – and a happy complexion come morning!

As A Hand Cream For Dry Hands
We have to admit that sometimes we’re just not so kind to our poor paws – housework, DIYing and other tasks really do leave our cuticles looking horrific. A blob of Skin Food before bed literally transforms sad hands overnight; even just a tiny dab of product on dry cuticles and dry hands leaves them healthy and hydrated the very next day. Dreamy.

As A Highlighter All Year Round
Yup, the brilliant sheen Skin Food leaves on cheekbones is just one of the reasons why the eye-catching green tube is forever being spotted backstage at fashion shows.
After you’ve applied your makeup for the day, dab on a small amount to cheekbones, down the nose, the Cupid’s Bow and anywhere else the light hits. It will stay all day and adds a shimmer-free glow that always looks natural.

On Winter Feet In Need Of Some TLC
Got chapped, unsightly feet from a winter of wearing ankle boots? You’re definitely not alone. We need a tube of this stuff to turn our toes around!
After a long soak in the tub, give your footsies a little scrub with a foot file or similar and then pat dry. Apply a good helping of Skin Food and pop your feet in to a pair of cotton socks – do this for a few nights in a row and you will truly transform the hard skin in time for Spring. No need to thank us.

Are you a Skin Food fan?

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  • Lauren S

    I’ve never tried Skin Food but at that bargain price how can you not?!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Angeline

    I’ve never tried Skin Food before but it sounds great, but I wonder if it works as a moisturiser for oily skin as well?

  • Nadja

    I love using it as a hand cream during winter. It doesn’t really transform the hands miraculously but it’s a lot better than other hand creams out there.

  • Jackie

    This seems lovely and such a great cream. I don’t have anything like this product so I feel I’m missing out.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin’ |

  • Grace Healey

    Love this product… it is so good at nourishing the skin and like you say, has so many uses. I might have to dig mine out again, not sure how but I have managed to forget about it recently?! Thank you for reminding me :)

  • Bea

    I have never tried it, but heard a lot of good thing. Really want to try it now! It’s supposed to be a great duo with Tarts ‘Maracuja Oil’

  • Erin and Katherine

    Love skin food! Works well as an eye cream too :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Charlotte Roberts

    I keep seeing this popping up all over the place and I keep meaning to go out and try it, but every time I keep forgetting. I sure hope I remember this time! X

  • Blizzard Girl

    I love Weleda, their Rose range is the best:)


  • Mademoiselle nature

    This is super for the hands….but way too rich for my face. I have sampled it only once and It was really rich.

  • Charlotte

    I cant believe I havent heard of this before, for such a good price I definitely want to pick it up!

    Charlotte – styleaked

  • Noemi

    I still have to try it but I’ll do it soon, I love Weleda’s products.