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john-masters-hair-milkYou know us, and you know how much we adore a good multi-tasking hair product, anything to speed up our routine and create effortlessly styled locks…


Enter the Rose & Apricot Hair Milk from John Masters: a miracle light-weight styling cream, nourishing leave-in treatment, defrizzing softening wonder potion and glossy locks giver. It does just about everything.

Upon first inspection we assumed this hair “milk” would have a thin consistency from the name, but the texture is actually substantially thicker and it holds it’s shape when squeezed from the tube. Fearing greasy, weighed down hair we applied sparingly but there really was nothing to fear. The cream melts in your hands and disappears into both damp and dry hair with ease, leaving behind nothing but smoothed, totally tamed hair.

We have used this successfully on wet hair that’s left to air-dry naturally to find locks that aren’t as frizzy, feel silky and are definitely easier to run a brush through. We also like it for use before or after blow drying hair as it combats that puffy hair look, smoothes everything over, enhances shine and helps you create the style you’re going for without complaint. Make sure you start with a pea sized amount for shorter hair and increase the amount you need the more hair you have – less is always more. Focus on the ends when applying just like most leave in conditioners and then work into the hair. We’ve also heard fab things about using this as a treatment for a dry scalp – experiment!

Coming from John Masters Organics we know the ingredients are completely natural and free from silicones and other undesirables. Rose flower oil softens course hair, Apricot oil nourishes and Moringa seed extract protects from environmental stress and strengthens, all mixed with a heaping dose of healing Aloe to stop things from becoming too heavy.

Have you tried anything from John Masters yet?

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  • Lauren S

    Love that the product is free form sulphates – and the new layout looks incredible guys!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Annabel

    I’ve never tried John Masters before, but the combo on rose & apricot sounds too much to resist!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Lucy Birchall

    Oh HEY new layout, you look beautiful. This sounds totally what my hair is calling for. Because it’s so fine, yet there’s a lot of it, when it gets a nice conditioning treatment it usually ends up a little flat and frizzy. Dreamy. The hurr needs some taming! I can imagine it smells absolutely divine too.

    She’s So Lucy

  • Jasmine Harding

    AHHHH new layout is absolutely beautiful!! Glad you are back;) && with such a great post. I’ve never tried this brand before but how gorgeous does this sound?! I love products that contain rose so I will defo be checking it out online, I’m loving hair products atm and trying new ones out!

    Jasmine |

  • hannie blaise

    This looks so good :-) Love the new design. x