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It just so happens that our recommended pick of the month is another Bumble and Bumble buy. Are we sorry? Of course not, this stuff is a life-changer…

For anyone who has locks that just don’t seem to sit right, this is the styling product you’ve been waiting for; incredible hold, zero flyaways and none of the crispiness of hairspray or mousse.

B&B Holding spray aims to keep hair in place throughout the day, whilst also helping to improve the texture and give it a little grit. Like all of Bumble’s products, the no-fuss formula makes hair a dream to work with.
You’ll know the frustration of trying to do any sort of updo on freshly washed hair – it just doesn’t go to plan. This is where our much loved Holding Spray comes in; it will help to give the hair hold – making your ‘do stay polished and in place all day.

This is for use on dry hair, to secure your style and act as a heat spray, but we love to spirtz a little on damp hair too. When used pre-blowdry, hair is left with just a little extra hold and texture. It’s a wonder worker.

No more out-of-place fringe, falling apart topknot or flat fishtail braid, Holding Spray will see to it that your style doesn’t stray.

Have you tried this?

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  • sara mcavoy

    I have the small version of this and love it! I may even be tempted to buy it when I finish this little one! I’m just slightly put off by the price!

  • steph

    Sounds like I need this! Been sat messing with my fringe all day.!

    Rented Ambition

  • Lauren S

    Multi-tasking?! Wowza, that is just something I need!!

    Lauren x

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  • larissa

    No, from Bumble and Bumble I’ve only used their Surf Spray and keep it like gold because they don’t sell it here…my precious! haha

  • Kirsty McCall

    I’ve never tried this but it sounds great!

    Kirsty |

  • Sarah

    Oh this sounds lovely, I’d definitely spritz it on my unruly fringe haha.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  • Margery Ho

    This sounds incredible! I have tons of layers on my short hair, so this will definitely come in handy! x

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  • peroxidefox

    Haven’t tried it, but I will now. Great post!

    Much love,
    Emily❭❭ peroxidefox

  • Sara Fleming