Styling A Bookcase

A bookcase stacked high with books is just a wonderful feature in any home, but sometimes we’re all about the accessories on our shelving. If you’re finding the trend hard to nail, here’s a few pointers…

Create Layers
Stacking decorative boxes on top of books creates something a little more exciting. We like to stack our books as well as placing them vertically to create a variation in height. Mixing up the way you group items together works great and makes the whole thing a little more interesting.

Decorative Objects
Add plenty of decorative objects, such as an ornaments, vases, or even quirky bookends. Make use of eye-catching items to add pops of colour and texture – head to H&M or Wilkinson for their range of cute home accessories.

Create A Theme
One of our top tips for creating a well styled bookcase is to work with items in the same colour palette or overall aesthetic. Mixing in pastel shades with metals can look chic, but if you like the rustic vibes, add in a touch of glass in the form of candles, vases and old perfume bottles.

Creating A Style Bookcase WideAdd Personal Touches
Your bookcase should certainly say something about you. Add decorative items that you have picked up on your travels, or that relate to one of your hobbies – you can even use washi tape to stick a postcard or small print to the back of the bookcase.

When you are finished adding in everything on your shelves, take a stand back and check if your bookcase is visually balanced. If it doesn’t look quite right, try moving around items and placing them on different shelves and within different groups of objects.

Taking a step back and analysing your shelving arrangement is the easiest way to get your styling right. You may find you need to add in some extra colour, or even realise that you’ve gone overboard with a certain shade.
You can easily keep playing with your items untill you have it just right!

Any tips for creating the perfect bookcase?


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  • Hope

    These are such great tips! I can’t wait to get my house organised so I can start decorating my shelving now! H xx


  • http://www.glamupeveryday.com Gillian

    This bookcase is just so pretty! Makes me really want to have a bookcase now :)

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  • http://www.brittonloves.co.uk Lauren S

    I agree with layers and themes, I use mainly white and grey pieces with hints of blue and it looks gorgeous!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • sara mcavoy

    I love having storage boxes on the bottom shelf! Makes it look neat and lots of space to throw all my junk in!

  • Ally

    Although i’ve moved in over 4 months ago i still haven’t got myself a bookshelf for my room like i told myself i would – it needs to happen soon! Very nice post:)x

  • http://abeautyromancee.blogspot.co.uk Millie Robinson

    Such beautiful pieces! I’m dying to move out and start decorating with all the bits and bobs I love x


  • http://ikonikbeauty.blogspot.com Leonie

    Looks really cute x

    Leonie ♥ IkonikBeauty

  • http://alishaxa.blogspot.co.uk Alisha A♡
  • Becky Alice Burrell

    This is gorgeous! Love the pastel and whites, so so pretty. Something I’d love to recreate. x http://www.inkandnonsense.blogspot.co.uk

  • http://blizzard-girl.blogspot.com/ Blizzard Girl

    Great tips:) Love the pictures, and how it’s all in the white tones!


  • http://www.poshbrokebored.com Posh, Broke, & Bored

    I love ‘shelfies’ but my current apartment is so, um, ‘compact’ (yay London life!) that every single square inch of shelf is being utilised for storage. I’m looking forward to my new place (double the square feet, yeaaaah) and having bookcases solely for display. Until then I’m saving this post for inspiration! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  • http://www.angerawrs.co.uk/ Angeline

    I love decorative objects, but I’m waiting to move in this coming September so that I can have my own bookshelf and style it however I want!

    Running a Giveaway Now | http://www.angerawrs.co.uk

  • http://shewhoisshort.blogspot.co.uk/ Sara Fleming

    Beautiful! I recently got some new white shelves, so I can’t wait to dress them up!


  • http://sparklygoddess.blogspot.com/ Sparklygoddess

    This looks lovely. I adore that everything is in white with a hint of silver which is my favorite combo when it comes to decoration