Soothing Creams For All Skin Types

The weather transitions can play havoc on our poor, unsuspecting skin and it can often be a painful experience restoring balance to an unhappy complexion. Enter our picks of the best creams to soothe and hydrate… 

A new release from Melvita, this soothing cream is a breakthrough in preserving our beauty products; the formula contains a new UHT method that requires no synthetic preservatives to be used in the formula. The cream is quickly heated and then cooled to destroy bacteria but keep the ingredients fresh and active for as long as possible.
The cream itself is a perfect choice for skin that is feeling dry and tight. It contains sunflower oil, shea butter and a ‘3-honey-complex’ to soothe and immediately leave skin feeling hydrated. Simply smooth it on morning and/or night to replenish and calm – it’s a lovely choice for all year round application, too.

Calming Moisture is our desert island pick for skin that is extremely sensitive, easily congested (because even oily, breakout-prone skin can benefit from this cream) or skin that suffers from dermatitis.
The cream is surprising light in texture thanks to its aloe vera base, and sinks in quickly and easily without ever feeling greasy or cloying on the skin.
This is ideal for sunburn or for use after a treatment such as microdermabrasion. The formula contains skin-soothing turmeric root extract, jojoba and oat extracts to give instant relief to itchy, irritated skin.

Another skin soothing treat comes from Australian natural brand Zk’in. This silky cream works to quickly repair damaged skin and contains a whole host of anti-inflammatory ingredients to offer relief – as the name suggests – and calm redness. Hemp seed oil, oatmeal, evening primrose oil and thistle are just a few ingredients you will find here.
Simply spritz skin with a facial mist (we recommend rose water or aloe if your skin is sensitive) and massage a pea sized amount into skin in gentle circular motions. Apply more as needed if your skin is very dry and drinks it up. It’s refreshing, super hydrating and really takes care of skin in need.
Have you tried any of these?


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