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Our smart phones and tablets are never far from our reach, and it’s probably all down to this lot – from beauty apps to budget holiday searches, here’s our pick of the must haves…

Every girl (and guy!) should have this app downloaded and installed; it’s basically a booking app for beauty appointments, so you have every salon at your fingertips.
It’s a great way to find salons near you, see what’s available (you can also find boot camps and personal trainers through the app), and even view ratings and book your appointment. Easy peasy!

This fun app is a great way to track the countries you have visited and tally them up as a percentage. If you’re a bit of a jetsetter, you’ll be able to see just how much of the world you have travelled. Be warned though, the final result is pretty underwhelming so you’ll feel compelled to book a holiday or two…

This is where our next recommendation comes in – Holiday Pirate is the ultimate app for anyone who loves to travel, and travel on a budget.
The team behind the website and app find the best daily deals for flights, hotels and package deals – effectively doing all the hard work so you don’t have to!

Lend your sight to the blind with this helpful app; Be My Eyes allows those with sight issues to call you to ask for help – it can be anything from reading out a postcard to letting them know when the milk goes off. A great idea!

What are your favourite apps?Β 

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