Transitional Autumn Wardrobe Tips

It’s that tricky time of year where we often struggle to know what to put on in the mornings, but with a little thought on how to transition your wardrobe for the season, it could be made a little easier…

Your Current Wardrobe
If you’re anything like us, your current wardrobe is probably overflowing with summer styles. Use the start of a new month to put anything that is strictly reserved for summer, away for the next few months. Storing summer clothes in your suitcase is always a good idea (unless of course you have any winter trips planned).

It’s also probably a good time to have a clear out of last year’s autumn pieces. Take the time to decide what things you’ll definitely be wearing again, and what things are better off on eBay/Depop/in a charity bag. It’s always good to go by the ‘if you’ve not worn it in over a year, it’s time to say goodbye’ rule.

Now your wardrobe is a little emptier, it’s time to decide what new items you need to invest in, and which ones are better staying on your wishlist.
When shopping, take into account what items have longevity. Don’t get sucked into summer sale buys, just because they’re cheap. You want to look out for items that can be styled for both seasons. Think dresses that’ll look good both with and without tights, lightweight jackets that won’t have you melting whilst it’s still little warmer, and a good pair of boots to see you through the new season.

Layering is key to the in between months. We love a good scarf, the bigger the better! They’re perfect for keeping you warm in the mornings, but can easily be whipped off and popped in your bag once the sun starts to make an appearance.

Long sleeved Breton tops are great paired with a midi skirt whilst you’re not quite ready to start wearing tights again.
A lightweight trench or duster coat is the perfect style for Autumn, it won’t have you sweating on your walk to work, but the chillier mornings definitely calls for some sleeves.
If you’re struggling for inspiration on how to style your pieces for Autumn, style boards on Pinterest are a great way to get new ideas.

How will you be styling your wardrobe for Autumn?


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