Etsy & Your Blog

You may not know it, but Etsy is a great tool for getting the most out of your blog. Up your design, add in some eye-catching features or give it an entire makeover in a click of a button…

Your Design
Etsy is the place to go if your blog is in need of a makeover; the site offers hundreds of beautiful designs for both WordPress and Blogger sites. They’re affordable, have everything you need to customise your site and can be downloaded instantly for you to get going with. 
We recommend this shop, this shop, this one, and also this shop too for both WordPress and Blogger designs – make sure to make good use of the search feature as there’s thousands to choose from!
As well as getting themes for your blog, you can also buy custom logos and other blog tweaking services; this shop does just about everything in terms of setting you up, whether you’re a newbie or a long-time blogger. 

Handy Add-Ons
Social buttons are essential as they help your readers find you on other platforms, meaning they can easily keep up to date with new posts and other happenings. Etsy has so many cute add-ons that will help you to make your blog stand out, but also offer a practical element to keep your readers coming back.
This shop, Summit Avenue, has just about everything you’ll need to make your blog look the part; there’s social buttons, customisable logos and even brush textures for you to use in your own design. 
Another one of our favourites is PatternPop, these logos and icons are just perfect. 

Beautiful Backgrounds
Remember this post on choosing backgrounds for blog photos? Not only does Etsy offer some serious inspiration on how to style your blog posts, thanks to the beautifully laid out pictures on offer, but the site also has a huge craft supply section where you can stock up on fabrics and other textiles to place in your pictures. 
We love this shop for its gorgeous array of eye-catching patterns, there’s so much on offer and everything is affordable too. 

Do you have any tips for using Etsy to improve your blog?

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