DIY Distressed Jeans

Step away from the scissors and cheese grater; let us show you how to get perfectly lived in, scuffed up jeans in just a few steps…

 You Will Need:

  • old pair of jeans
  • rough sand paper
  • pencil
  • sharp sewing scissors

Step One
Put your jeans on and get scribbling where you want to distress them. A hole or two in the knees is always a good idea, but you can also go for a few areas on the thighs, near your ankles or back pockets. 

How -to -distress -your -jeans -2

Step Two
Do not be tempted to pick up the scissors just yet, start small and fold your sand paper up and rub against the line you’ve drawn. You can do this with your jeans on at first as bending your knee and making the fabric taught will make the process much quicker, but remember to go slow and stop as soon as you start to make a hole, nobody wants to sand away their skin! Remember that once the damage is done, that hole is only going to get bigger and bigger (until you resemble Matt Healy) so keep the hole smaller than you’d like.

Step Three 
Keep rubbing with sand paper to fray the fabric until you’re happy. We rubbed some areas away until the fabric was paper thin, then left them so the jeans would look really worn in and will naturally make their own holes. You can also take really sharp scissors and carefully pick away at the denim to fray it and create small holes that way which looks good on sides. 

How -to -distress -your -jeans -3

Step Four
Put your jeans back on and give them the once over to make sure you’re happy with your alterations before you chuck them in the wash, as they’ll be covered in fibres and fluff from the sand paper. Now is also the time to sew the corners of any holes you don’t want to make bigger, a few secure stitches should last, or you could try some iron-on tape on the inside to keep the fibres together. 

How -to -distress -your -jeans -4

Enjoy your new distressed jeans – throw on a white tee and a leather jacket and you’re set!

Have you ever distressed a pair of jeans? What method did you use? 


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