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We’re a little bit obsessed with Depop, a fun buy & sell App that combines the fun and ease of Instagram with the shopping and selling element of eBay… 

This handy little App makes light work of selling your old clothes, as well as purchasing second-hand pieces for less. You’ll notice that the interface is similar to Instagram, and sellers can take four or five photos for everything they sell – meaning you can really show what the item looks like on, as well as any close-up details such as beading or a lace trim. 

The idea is to make your photos look as appealing as possible, while still detailing which item it is you’re selling. We recommend taking one photo as your ‘display’ photo; the one that comes up on the feed – this is best being a nice, clear full body shot or a well laid out, Instagram shot. Either way, make it eye-catching and clear.

Create a nice area where you can set up a mini-shoot for your goods; a good example is on a pretty coat hanger against a white wall, or on light, plain floors with a little ornament in the corner. This grabs your followers attention, so you’re more likely to sell your goods. 


In the app, you can choose filters for your uploads, but we recommend going for one that simply enhances the item rather than alters the colours as this could be misleading. 
Take the first picture (which will be viewed on the home feed) with a filter, but leave the rest untouched so your potential customers know exactly what they’re buying.
Remember to take your photos in good, natural light (near a window) and avoid using the flash. Keep to a clean, light and simple background with no clutter so customers can really see the product in full – but stick to a fun background rather than plain white. 

We recommend keeping your description brief but straight to the point, for example mention: the size, but also if it’s to size (eg. ‘size 8 but would fit small 10′), where it’s from, the condition or quality, any issues with the item and a few hashtags to help people find your items. 
A good example would be “Topshop circle skirt, size 8 (would fit small 10) – worn a few times, great quality. #topshopskirt #size8″ 

Pick a good price and be reasonable with delivery – if you’re sending quite a few parcels, go to ASDA and stock up on padded envelopes for less. This cuts costs as postage can be expensive. We tend to sell High Street items for £10 and under, especially if its last season – you can bump up the price a little if it’s a more coveted item, still in stores, worn by a celebrity etc.

Turn on Instant Payment by connecting your Paypal account, this way you’re protected and every transaction is safe. Paypal takes a small cut of the money, but it’s not so much that you would notice and it’s well worth it. 
Now, just get uploading; play around with filters and take some beautiful snaps. Ask a friend to help you if you need to take some full length ones, it will guarantee a quick sale!

Find your friends, follow their friends and tell everyone you know about your Depop shop. Interact with other sellers by liking their goods and remember to get back to private messages and comments regularly – we set aside 30 minutes a day to reply to queries. 

Depop really is the ultimate shopping app; we guarantee you will have cleared out those unwanted items and have an entire feed of second-hand and vintage buys to fill up the space!

Do you have any tips for using Depop?

Nouvelle Daily

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  • Jess

    I’ve been loving Depop and you can really pick up some gems for great prices! I’ve bought some gorgeous make up items, you just have to be careful of fake products!

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  • Jessica Rose

    Is this easier to sell items on than EBay? Never used EBay but I have quite a few bibs and bobs to sell. Whichever requires the least amount of hassle!!

  • Dani Cheshire

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