Houseplants For Your Home

Let’s just come out with it; we’re all about greenery in the home. Bright lush leaves against crisp white walls is what brings a room to life, but we’re not the most green-fingered girls around, so here’s a roundup of the ones to pick up…

Peace Lily
Not only do these offer the gorgeous greenery we love, they also bloom soft white “flowers” that can just be seen. We’ve also discovered they’re pretty hardy, requiring only average/good sunlight and water to flourish. They don’t like to be overwatered, so wait until the leaves start to droop and the soil is dry before watering. 
Peace lilies also clean the air well, and are one of plants included in the NASA Clean Air Study, effectively removing benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and ammonia from the air. 

English Ivy
You’ll find that Ivy is quite a common pick for an indoor plant at this time of year, as they’re quite winter hardy. They require a little more attention than Peace Lilies, as they enjoy a colder room and a little more watering – although not so much in the winter.  
Place them away from a heater and near a window, and regularly mist the leaves if the room is heated – they work well in pots or hanging in planters. 

Cacti & Succulents
A great choice for those who aren’t so attentive when it comes to house plants, both cacti and succulents will survive without a lot of water. 
Aloe vera is known for its healing powers so its a good one to have in the home. Place in the kitchen or an area of good sunlight and water sparingly. 
Panda plants, known for their fuzzy leaves, are also a great pick for indoors – again, they require only good light and a little water. 
Most cacti do well indoors, so feel free to stock up on these beauties, we have a post here on how to care for them. 

Spider Plant
Not only do Spider Plants look lovely in any room, they’re great at adapting to their surroundings so do well throughout winter to summer. They like bright or medium-lit rooms away from direct sunlight and average warmth. 
With Spider Plants, simply water regularly throughout summer and less in the colder months. 

The Winter Cherry
It doesn’t have to be all green, the Winter Cherry plant adds a touch of colour to your leafy picks. This lovely plant is another one that doesn’t require much to flourish – a cool room in winter, bright light and moist soil will keep him happy.

What are your favourite picks for houseplants?

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