Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation & Skin Base Mixer Shades

Most of us have probably heard talk about the Illamasqua Skin Base foundation, since its release a few years ago it seems to have garnered a wealth of loyal fans. The brand have since added more shades and now these handy little mixer tubes…

This creamy foundation is inspired by the popular Asian Beauty Balms, it provides impressive coverage and a velvety formula that smoothes and refines the texture of the skin. 
The foundation can be easily blended for a natural, skin-like result that is undetectable in an HD environment – meaning you can wear this and feel confident that imperfections are concealed and minimised, while skin is prepped to perfection. 

Skin Base is exactly what you need from a foundation, you can use less for a sheer result or build it up around problem areas for a little more coverage. The long-wearing formula stays put throughout the day and skin looks balanced due to the conditioning properties. 

The brand do offer an impressive 25 shades in the range, there are .5 shades that have been added in recent years to make way for more variation too. However, this month sees the launch of these Skin Base Mixer Shades, which are tubes of colour that you can pick up for free at any Illamasqua counter. 
There are four shades available (Amber, Chocolate, Terracotta and White) and each compliments the Skin Base foundation to ensure you get the exact match for your skin tone. They’re also handy for keeping on hand throughout the seasons if you need to match up your foundation to your ever-changing skin tone – you can almost certainly guarantee that you won’t need to buy a summer colour again. 

Let it be known that these mixer shades are incredibly pigmented – you need just a drop of colour to enhance the tone of your base. While the white mixer will lighten your choice of foundation (making it ideal for winter), Amber will add warmth to the skin. Terracotta is slightly more olive-toned that Amber and so it’s the perfect addition for those with tanned complexions, and Chocolate is a rich brown that will add some bronze to your base. 

All in all, these are going to be a groundbreaking addition for those who can never find a match with their base. Whether you’re too pale or have a rich tone that no one caters for, expect to tailor your ideal shade from your dressing table. 

The mixer shades can only be picked up on counters, so head down to your local Illamasqua store or stand and speak to one of the makeup artists on hand who will be happy to guide you. 

Are you a Skin Base fan? What do you think of the mixer shades?

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