Gym Playlists To Keep You Motivated

It goes without saying that a visit to the gym needs a pre-planned playlist. The thought of pounding that treadmill with only the 6 o’clock news to fill the silence is not a pleasant one, so it’s time to get stocked up on motivational music…

Studies suggest that listening to music provides the perfect distraction from the physical pain of exercise to actually enhance your performance, so we compiled three playlists that will really get you going throughout your workout. 

Gym Playlist: Upbeat Tunes
A collection of songs that will really make you want to move. From Florence and the Machine to Bloc Party, this playlist has all you need to get the most out of your workout. Press play before your treadmill sesh and you’re sure to smash your personal best. 

Gym Playlist: Pace Yourself
When you’re planning a long run or cycle, you want a playlist that will keep you at a steady pace throughout. These songs are all great hits that will keep you on track and enjoying your exercise. We threw in a good mix of classics and a couple of new ones so it’s a excellent combo. 

Gym Playlist: Cooling Down
Stick this list on for when you’re ready to cool down, it will make doing those stretches a whole lot more interesting and keep you from switching off too early. 


Do you have a gym playlist to keep you motivated? 


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