Holiday Essentials: The Checklists

Holiday packing is an exciting yet stressful task; we’re giddy in the lead-up to our summery vaycay (yep) but also a little anxious at what we might miss off our list. That’s where we come in, with our downloadable checklists to make sure you’re packed and ready to go… 

The Beauty Checklist
Of course, we wouldn’t be self-confessed beauty obsessives without a checklist as long as our arm. We have split this up in to sections so you can plan out your preening and packing.
It should contain everything you need to feel great on the beach, and also protect yourself from the elements. 

Download the Beauty Checklist here.

The Gadget Checklist
Let’s face it, we wouldn’t last a full day without some form of gadget on hand – those holiday snaps won’t upload themselves, after all. We’ve included just about everything we can think of when it comes to technology, so you should be set after ticking everything off in this list. 

Download the Gadget Checklist here.

The ‘Don’t Forget’ Checklist
This checklist is probably the most important, so make sure to give it a good once-over before you leave, and keep an eye on it throughout the whole packing process!

Download the ‘Don’t Forget’ Checklist here.

Will you be downloading and checking off our checklists this summer?

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