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It’s been said before that we are huge fans of Pinterest; the clean layout and aesthetically pleasing photos are endless sources of Inspiration and we never get bored of making new er, boards. 

As well as being one of the best methods of procrastination, Pinterest is also a great way to promote yourself and your blog or business. The platform works with imagery, so if your blog has a whole lot of great photography, this could be the perfect way to get your site out there. Here’s a few pointers to get you started…

Add The Pin It Button
Make it easier for your readers to pin your posts by adding a Pin It button to each snap within a post. This is usually done as a WordPress Plugin but you can also do it through the Add This share buttons.
Once you have installed the code (super easy, we promise), it makes it easier for your readers to go through and pin your post. That’s the start of getting your photos out there, which allows other users to share the snaps and click through to the actual post. 

Take More Photos
If you love photography, why not include a few more photos in each post? This works well for recipes and DIYs, especially the finished result. It’s these photos that will be pinned by your readers, and then eventually passed around Pinterest – getting you traffic to the post!
We try to invest a lot of time in to our photos for this reason; eye-catching snaps on Pinterest will bring in interested readers who want to view your post. 

Pin Your Own Photos
If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, make one and start organising your boards. As well as being one of the best tools for inspiration and ideas, the site also helps you to organise your content and really promote yourself. 
If you run an interiors blog, set up a few boards that you can pin inspiration to – you can either include your own posts (in the form of pictures) here or create an entire board just for your uploads. If you have a browse at the Nouvelle Pinterest, you will see that we have a whole load of boards full of creative inspiration and beautiful photos but we also have a board specifically for beauty content – a lot of which comes from our own site.
Once we start pinning our own snaps, our followers get involved and repin them to their own boards – and so the pinning continues! 

Verify Your Site
If you have a blog or a website, it’s worth taking the time to verify yourself. Pinterest gives you this option at the top of your page, so be sure to spend the few minutes it takes to complete this process – that way your followers will know it’s really you. 

Follow Your Favourites
The whole point of social media is to be social, so make sure to follow your favourite bloggers and websites and repin their content and pins. We have the Pinterest App for iPhone which makes pinning a dream – especially during the morning commute. 
Make a number of boards on topics that you’re interested in – makeup, hair, home decor, healthy eating, handbags etc. – and then keep up with the pinning. Endless entertainment. 

Keep It Up
Like all ventures, the more you put in, the more you get out. Keep pinning and making boards, take the time to follow your favourite pinners and pin from other sites too.
Pinterest is so fulfilling; you can make boards for ideas, DIY projects, beauty looks you wish to try and just inspiring snaps that will help you to improve your work.

Are you an avid pinner?

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