Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher

This new Omorovicza offering will be a highly anticipated skincare release for those in the know. There’s no doubt it falls in to the luxe category, but if you’re feeling flush this month, here’s all the details…

First up, let’s start by saying this isn’t your average facial exfoliator – although it’s a rather expensive purchase, it offers one of the most effective at-home facial treatments we’ve come across. It also promises a 3-in-1 action, polishing the skin both manually and chemically, and drawing out impurities to decongest the complexion. What a find!

The product itself comes out of the (minimal, beautiful, perfectly packaged) tube as an emerald paste, thanks to the added micro-algae which helps to improve the health of the skin. The paste holds a fine, gently abrasive natural pumice to polish and perfect – it can be lightly massaged in to the skin and left on for two minutes to really benefit from the added ingredients. Upon massaging this paste in to the skin, it instantly transforms in to a light grey clay – this is the Moor mud which works to decongest and detox the pores. 

The fine pumice buffs away dead skin cells clogging pores and making the skin appear lacklustre and lifeless; and it’s worth noting that it feels gorgeous to apply – the fine beads really feel like they’re working, but the product itself isn’t scratchy or irritating on delicate skin. 
The polisher also works as a peel with added fruit acids to ensure impurities are sloughed away with every use – even from day one we noticed a clearer, brighter complexion come rinsing. Finally, there’s that clay action from the added mud; this cleanses and purifies the skin, so you can guarantee that the complexion is free of debris and other impurities. 

Packing in more skin-loving ingredients than we care to list, this is a skin treat to stick on your wishlist. It leaves the skin feeling incredibly smoothed and refined; the entire complexion looks clearer and more radiant even when used just once per week. 

Albeit a pricey purchase, this is a skin-changing staple that we’ll be making the most of. Our skin has never felt so soft and smooth! 

Have you tried anything from Omorovicza?

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