iPhone Photography Hints & Tips

With the smartphone cameras improving with every release, it’s now simple to get a great quality snap with your iPhone. If you’re still struggling to get your image quite right, maybe we can help…

Tap To Focus
One of the most important tricks to keep in mind when taking photos is to focus your image. You can do this by simply tapping your screen on an iPhone; just tap once on whatever you wish to be in focus in your photo. If you want the background in focus (for example, a holiday snap of the beach) tap the background and vice versa. 
Keep in mind that tapping different parts of the photo will completely transform your image. 
If your photo is looking too dark, tap on an area of white to instantly brighten the snap, and if your photo is overexposed, you can tap a dark area to darken the photo.
You can usually stick with the autofocus on an iPhone, but it’s worth playing around with to see what you can achieve. 
You can also hold down on the area to focus for a couple of seconds to turn ‘AE/AF lock’ on; this allows you to take photos with the same auto-focus and auto-exposure settings – you may find it’s not necessary but it helps when capturing subjects with movement such as children or pets. 

Go For Square
If you’re shooting something to upload to Instagram or even other social platforms, select ‘Sqaure’ along the bottom of the Camera app. This means you can set up your photo so it’ll fit perfectly in Instagram, which means there’s no chance of you cropping out subjects when it comes to uploading.
If you prefer the standard size, just toggle back to ‘Photo’. 

Background Check
Do a quick background check first; this is probably more important if you’re hooked on Instagram but we still think it makes all the difference in a photo. 
Remove any unsightly background features out of the shot – for example dirty dishes, discarded clothing or litter – and make sure the attention is on the subject. 

Afterlight App

The Rules of Composition
Composition deals mainly with the arrangement of items in your photo, so take a minute to think about placement before you snap away. If you’re photographing food, perhaps have the bowl or plate slightly out of frame, either with the rest of the photo left blank or with some cutlery or a napkin thrown in. Play around with your subject and see what looks best; we usually take a few pictures, move the items in the frame around, take a couple more and then review the results.
We like a ‘lived in’ look, so practice making your photos look busy and eye-catching rather than too minimal. If you’re shooting makeup, take the caps off a couple of lipsticks and add in a makeup brush or bag to finish off the frame. 
Finally, think about backgrounds – we’re always tempted to shoot on a plain white surface, but pretty flooring and even bedding or clothing looks pretty. 

Be Spontaneous
The idea of using an iPhone is to take spontaneous snaps of moments not to be missed. Whip out your phone at a second’s notice, flip up the bottom right of the screen with your thumb and your camera app is open and ready to go!

Burst Mode
The latest iPhone update brought us Burst Mode, this works well for any photos that involve a bit of movement such as pets, children or group photos. Burst Mode involves holding down the shutter button on your phone for as long as you want – the camera will take a burst of photos and save them to your Library. Then, you can review the lot and choose which one is best. 
Missing the moment is a thing of the past!

Editing Apps
There are so, so many photo editing Apps out there that can really improve your photos. We’re not huge fans of Instagram filters, so we tend to use one of these fun photo editing Apps to get our snaps just right.
Seen above is Afterlight, (£0.69) which is the best one we’ve found. You can alter the saturation, contrast, sharpness, add filters and light leaks all from the one App. 

Once you’re set, share your photo for all to see! Remember to have fun with your photos and produce something you love every time. 

Do you have any tips for taking photos on an phone?

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