City Guide: Manchester


Brief description of City. 

Getting Around
Any details you have on getting there – for example which train station to go in to, or the main airports and any details of subway systems or trains. 
Perhaps you could mention any travel details (Oyster Card, tube maps, Apps etc.) and any other details you find necessary.

Maybe you could mention the average cost of hotels or any recommendations – or even your experiences of Airbnb if you’ve used that.
Perhaps include good areas to stay. 


Any must-see sights? Any ‘off the beaten track’ places that aren’t so touristy.

Food Recommendations
This will be a popular part of your guide – perhaps mention breakfast places, local delis, any bars and other cool places to see. 
Dinner recommendations, local diners or whatever. 

Vintage shops, the main shopping centers.


Any other details you may find helpful??

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