DIY Distressed Gold ‘Love’ Letters

lovediyWhile this does look suspiciously like a Valentine’s Day DIY, you could use your initials, or any other letter combo to make this a little less soppy…

You Will Need:

Step One
Pick out your letters – we went for a mix of uppercase and lower case to create our finished product. Seen here is an Uppercase L (£1), lowercase O, uppercase V & lowercase E.

Step Two
As these are only cardboard, we want to give them a luxe gold finish. The distressed result makes them look a little more expensive and even metallic, but it takes little effort to do. Start by squeezing out a good amount of the glue, and smear it around the front and sides of the letters. Apply it quite thick and leave for 30 minutes or so, until it’s almost dry.

Step Three
Once it’s still a little tacky, pull it slightly and rub at it to give the distressed look. Leave it to dry completely and then pull the glue gently some more.

Step Four
When dry, spray it with your spray paint evenly all over. Do the back and sides first, allow it to dry and then do the front. Make sure to lay down some newspaper or do it outside to avoid mess. Although who can say no to a glittery carpet?

Step Five
If you fancy playing around with an extra layer of the glue for a more antique-like result, just squeeze on more glue and repeat steps three and four until you’re happy. You can keep going at it until you can’t squeeze on any more.
Try wrapping a bit of fabric around the glued letter and leave until almost dry (don’t let it completely dry) and then peel off for a really distressed result.

Once done, arrange each letter neatly on your bookshelf or mantlepiece and you’re set!

Will you be giving this a go? 

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