DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

We’re big fans of DIY here at Nouvelle and love sending thoughtful homemade gifts to family and friends, it’s often more special than something store bought and could save you a pretty penny!

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite DIY’s from the Nouvelle archives – all of which would make great gifts! They’re all quick, easy and can be made in bulk to save you time and money…

DIY-bath -soak
DIY Bath Soak
This completely customisable bath soak is a personal gift to give to anyone who loves a good bath. Use essential oils you know the reciever of your gift will love, or purchase different salts such as epsom if you know the recipient needs some extra TLC. You can pick all the ingredients in bulk for cheap, gather up spare jars and recycle any pretty ribbon you have laying around and hey presto, a gorgeous homemade gift!

DIY Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub
This festive sugar scrub will go down a treat, it smells divine (add an extra pinch of nutmeg and ginger for a gingerbread scent!) and is even quicker and cheaper to make than our bath soak, you should be able to pick everything up in one trip to the supermarket!

Silk -+-Honey -lipgloss -kitSilk + Honey DIY Lipgloss Kit
All the hard work for hunting down the ingredients to make your own lipgloss is done for you with this gorgeous kit. There’s enough ingredients to make 13 tubes of gloss (though you will need to buy a few extra empty lipgloss tubes), we think it’s the perfect little stocking filler – create your own perfect christmas red shade and dish them out to all your gal-pals, we’re sure they’ll treasure such a thoughtful gift.

DIY Scented Christmas Candles
This is another gift that is ideal to purchase the supplies in bulk, so you can spend an afternoon cooking up some candles. You can make more than you need and keep the leftovers for yourself or save them for emergency gifts when someone unexpected surprises you with a present!

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper
Of course, making your own gift paper is a lovely little touch – you can pick your own washi tape and ribbon to suit your tastes, and it makes the whole experience just that little bit more joyful.

Do you make your own Christmas gifts?


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