DIY Christmas Baubles

Give your tree a personal touch by creating your own handmade baubles, you can pick the designs and make them as unique as possible. Expect a lot of glitter in our finished result…

You Will Need: 

Step One
Carefully take your baubles out of their bubblewrap, and remove the silver top by carefully pulling it out. One thing to note is that these baubles are glass and will shatter if you’re a bit heavy handed! Arrange the baubles back in their box so they can’t roll around.

Step Two
Set up your materials. This is going to get very messy so it might be best to do it at a kitchen table or near the sink.


Step Three
You can totally personalise your baubles, so fill them up however you would like. We carefully sprayed a small amount of the copper spray paint in to the bauble, placed a thumb over the top and gave it a shake, before setting it down to dry for a day or two.
We took another bauble and filled the bottom up with silver glitter – so simple but it had a beautiful result. This would also work for sequins!
With another, we got the white feathers and carefully fed them in until it looked perfect.

We also got a bauble and filled it up to the top with decorative snow, which is where a small funnel comes in handy.
For the pink and white swirl bauble, just add a small blob of pink paint and a teaspoon of water. Place a thumb over the top and give it a swirl, then add a dollop of white paint and swirl together. Place to one side to dry.

For the black glittery one, we poured in some black nail polish (be careful of the little ball at the bottom) and then added a pinch of silver glitter before swirling the bauble around so it was completely coated. This is easily one of our favourites, so pretty and unique.

Finally, we chopped up some silver tinsel and added it in – it took no time at all but looks so mesmerising on the tree!

That’s all there is to it – allow them to dry and carefully place them on your tree and you’re set.

Will you be trying these?

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