Christmas Gift Book Ideas

Got an avid reader in the house? Flock to your local bookshop and pick up one or two of these great reads – they all offer something you can’t go wrong with, and they’ve all been vetted by the Nouvelle team…

Me Before You
This has been doing the rounds in recent years, and it’s still a favourite with us. The story is quite a ‘feel good’ number, but it’s also padded with sadness and it does leave you re-evaluating things. It’s a great new year book we would say, as long as they’re quite open to story lines!

We Were Liars
Ideal for young adults, this novel seems to be the read of the moment amongst teens and twenty-somethings – and it features a family tree and map at the start! It centres around a slightly odd wealthy American family who flock to their private island each summer. There’s an unexpected mystery when our main character has an accident, and well – we’ll leave you with that. Expect a shock twist.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves
This is another book that’s being named a must read. It also features quite an unusual family; our main girl Rosemary is at college and it’s been made clear that she mustn’t tell anyone about her relatives – it’s not long until we start to find out why.
It’s easy to fall in love with the novel, especially as Rosemary is so witty and charming, and the story completely gripping. A great gift, and a read you’ll be thinking about long after turning the last page! 

If I Stay
This is another choice that works well as a gift for teens, young adults and even twenty-somethings – no doubt you will have heard of this as it was recently made in to a film starring the gorgeous Chloe Moretz.
The story follows young Cello player Mia, who is in an accident with her family one wintery day. While in hospital she has an out of body experience, which allows her to look at her life in its current situation while also sorting through the memories of her past. Ultimately, she has to decide whether or not to live a life that changed so dramatically in a few hours. Haunting, but completely beautiful – prepare for tears.

Not That Kind Of Girl
Okay, so we had to include Lena Dunham’s debut ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ – a hilarious recount of what she’s learned so far in her life. It’s weird, slightly twisted and will have you cry-laughing throughout – basically everything we would expect from the sassy star.
This will make an awesome pressie for your BFF or sister, even if she’s not a reader she will definitely appreciate this little slice of hilarity.

How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are
This is perhaps more of a coffee table book for a bit of fun, something to flick through or pop out for your friends to look over, but nonetheless it’s still a brilliant gift.
It’s a light-hearted list of what it takes to be a true French girl, with advice such as ‘if you only own one sweater, make sure it’s cashmere’ – ideal for any fashionable friends who perhaps need bringing down to earth.

Have you got any book recommendations for friends and family?

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