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Fluttery lashes will never go out of fashion, so having a ‘do all’ mascara is the key to perfect makeup. A lot of the time, it all comes down to the mascara wand – which is why we’ve rated this lot by the magic they work…

Best For: Fluttery lashes
If you’re partial to soft but full lashes, the latest Clinique release will be the perfect addition to your bold-eye routine. The brush is, in a word, weightless – it really is light as a feather, allowing you to get in there and fan out the lashes for maximum definition. Expect lashes that hold the curl all day long, the light formula won’t weigh them down or cause them to lose the curl as the hours tick by. 
This is great for doing both top and bottom lashes, it coats each and every individual hair with the unique blacker-than-black formula – which results in full, natural looking lashes without the clumps. 
The smudge-proof offering means there’s no chance of the product budging throughout the day, yet when it comes to makeup removal, it wipes away without effort. The dream. 

Best For: Bigger eyes
Origins offering to the mascara stakes is this eye-brightening wonder which aims to curl and enhance the lashes; while the slick formula lengthens each hair and provides a whole lot of volume, the mega brush curls the lashes and holds them in place throughout the day – resulting in awakened eyes with every application. 
For best results, we like to curl the lashes first and then sweep on a good helping of mascara, shimmying the brush quickly through the lashes as you apply to ensure they’re coated and boosted right from root to tip. 
We love that the formula is more creamy than your average mascara offering, it means there’s no chance of it drying up before the month is out and we get a better application every time. 

Best For: Short lashes
This budget buy from L’Oreal is making a name for itself at the moment, and we’ve certainly named it our favourite find of the month. The tapered tip of the brush means you can really get in there and fan out the individual hairs, which of course makes a massive difference even to stumpy lashes.
The formula provides a wash of mega volume, making it the ultimate product for those who crave thicker, longer lashes – it doesn’t just lift and curl, it completely boosts the lashes in every way possible for fluttery eyes in a flash. 
For under £10, this budget buy is certainly something to snap up, we love how easy it is to wiggle the brush through each hair for a dose of drama day after day. 

Best For: Maximum glamour
If you want evening lashes for daytime wear, this Bobbi Brown release is everything you’ve been waiting for – the sleek silver tube holds the ultimate lash-boosting formula and a flawless brush to complete the package.
The brand have struck gold with this lash-lengthening offering, it’s our secret to full-on glamour and it works perfectly paired with a smokey eye or worn alone for natural but fluttery lashes. 
You can really play up the volume with the brush, we like to go in lightly for everyday lashes but come Saturday nights, we layer up the coats – this allows us to enhance the eyes without any signs of clumping. Whether your lashes are long, short or a little on the thin side, Bobbi will sort you out. 

Do you have a ‘go to’ mascara? 

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