Reworking Your Existing Wardrobe

Not every occasion needs a new outfit, although we do tend to head straight for ASOS at the mention of a night out. Realistically, it’s time we started using our existing wardrobes more creatively instead of buying new clothes at the drop of a hat…

Use Pinterest
Go through your wardrobe and pick out a few of your favourite pieces. For example, you might love a pair of leather trousers, a floral blouse or an oversized basic tee. It’s likely that you wear them regularly in the same way, so it’s time to find a new way to style them. Head on over to Pinterest and type in ‘floral blouse’ and you’ll find images of blouses worn with jeans, shorts, cigarette trousers, skater skirts, checked leggings, blazers and floppy hats – just to name a few. Start pinning your favourites and see if you have items in your wardrobe to recreate the look. 

Switch-Up Your Makeup
Clothes can easily be given a new lease of life simply by altering your hair and makeup. If you normally wear your hair curly for a night out, why not try styling it into a sleek, low ponytail and doing some serious contouring on your cheek bones? It will instantly take your LBD from girly to editorial chic. Alternatively, you can take a simple maxi dress and, instead of a boho vibe, give it a Lana Del Rey style twist. Create a textured bouffant and pair with lots of black eyeliner and mascara, practise your Bambi eyes and you’re good to go!

Add Budget Jewellery
If you MUST go shopping then we suggest you hit Primark and take advantage of their extensive range of jewellery. Even a pair of sunglasses can give a tshirt and jeans look a polished twist.
Statement necklaces are a great tool for glamming up simple tops and look perfect peeking out from under a shirt collar. Bulk buy plain rings and bracelets and pile on a few at a time, these look effortlessly put together with a leather jacket and jeans. Wearing new jewellery can also give you that ‘new outfit’ confidence without breaking the bank.

Be Brave
Don’t be afraid to try new combinations to create a new look. Clashing prints is easier than it sounds, just try and stick to the same colour palette and start with monochrome if you are wary. You can also try colour blocking; hot pink and orange work well together as do pale pink and grey or bright yellow and blue. If you’re still scared try clashing your shoes with your bag to see how much fun it is. 

Have you got any tips for reworking your wardrobe and playing with what you already have?


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