Organising A Clothes Swap

When fashion trends change quicker than the weather, a clothes swap is the perfect place to pass on your good-as-new items to friends, in exchange for something of theirs. Here’s how to do it…

Step One
Make a list of everyone you want to invite to the event. Don’t worry if their style doesn’t match yours, everyone has something to offer even if it’s not high end. Aim to invite people who are generous, reliable and positive thinkers who are likely to go away with something they love. Girls who refuse to wear second hand clothes should be encouraged to come if they are willing to donate some items without necessarily getting something in return. 

Step Two
Once you have a few people interested, set up a Facebook event or email group so that you can contact all of your guests. Send out the need-to-know information so that they can get sorting through their stash in plenty of time. Each guest should aim to bring at least 5 good quality items, as well as anything else they want rid of. Handbags, shoes, jewellery and make up should also be brought along in case sizes don’t suit. Explain that if everyone brings desirable items the more chance they all have of leaving with something fabulous.

Step Three
Decide where to hold your event. Your home is the perfect venue as long as you have plenty of space to move around. Pick up a basic clothes rail from IKEA to display items and clear your dining room table to show off any accessories.
Ensure you have a room where people can try on clothes with a couple of full length mirrors set up, as well as a few pairs of shoes, cami tops and basic tees to  style with outfits if required. If you can’t fit everyone in your house, consider a free function room and ask if it can be shut off from the public, using a few screens to set up a changing area.

Step Four
Swap! On the night let everyone have a browse at the items for a set amount for time before you start actually swapping.
Allow 30 minutes for mingling with some bubbly and then let everyone get stuck in. If a fight breaks out over an item then let the crowd decide who wears it best, then let the ‘loser’ have first choice of anything they want from the stash. We found that people brought certain items with a person in mind, so let them ‘up sell’ their items to potential swappers if they want. It’s a great way to get ideas for styling items as well as getting to know new people. Be sure to take all of the leftover clothes to a charity shop and consider asking all the guests to donate a few pounds if you want to donate a little more to a charity of your choice.

It’s a whole new wardrobe without spending a penny – and you get to clear some space. 

Will you be organising a swap? 


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