Recipe: Mars Bar Squares

You will probably remember these simple treats from when you were little – even as grown ups, we can’t resist the Mars bar crispiness! These are seriously yummy, and perfect for making with your younger relatives on baking days… 

What You Need:

  • 4 Mars Bars
  • 4 Cups of Rice Crispies (have some on stand by in case you need a little more though)
  • 4 Oz of Butter
  • 200g Milk Chocolate
  • A Large Baking Dish.

Step One
Cut the mars bars and butter up into small chunks.

Step Two
Melt together in a large bowl using the double boiler method (a fancy way of saying place a perpex/other suitable bowl over a saucepan of boiling water) melt the Mars bars and butter. You’ll need to use a wooden spoon to mix the two. It will seem as though the two are separating at first, but just continue mixing, they come together eventually!

Step Three
Carefully remove the bowl from the heat and place on a heat proof matt on the side and add the Rice Crispies a little at a time. Be sure to get all the crispies coated in that sticky goodness! If the mixture looks like it will take it, add more crispies until your satisfied with the gloop to crispie ratio.

Step Four
Pour your mars bar crispie mixture out of the bowl and into the large baking dish. Use a pallet knife or the back of a wooden spoon to flatten the mixture down, make sure it reaches the sides of the dish and the corners and that surface is as smooth as possible.

Step Five
Place the dish in the fridge and leave until the crispie mixture has cooled completely (probably half an hour or so).

Step Six
Once the mixture has cooled remove it from the fridge and set to one side. Melt the milk chocolate using the double boiler method (you can use a microwave this time, just make sure you use very short burst at a low temperature to prevent burning), and pour over the mixture. Again use a pallet knife or the back of a wooden spoon to spread and level the chocolate.

Step Seven
Place back in the fridge until the chocolate has solidified.

Step Eight
Cut into portions and serve – no doubt you’ll be very popular with your household. 


Are you a Mars Bar Squares fan?


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