Break The Beauty Rules

When it comes to beauty, it’s sometimes necessary to step away from what you’re told and debunk those beauty myths. Embracing what you think suits you instead can be hugely beneficial and will allow you to experiment with your routines and individual tastes a little more.

Use Black Shadow For a Smokey Eye
Black shadows are often harsh and can make the eyes look smaller, rather than adding definition. Opt for rich browns, deep caramels and soft greys instead, these will bring the attention to your peepers without the dramatic gothic twist. 

Lipstick Is For Lips
As most makeup artists will tell you, lipstick can also be pressed on to cheeks for a glowing pinch of colour. Lipsticks provide a wider range of shades and the creamy formula blends in perfectly for a flush that lasts. Next time you’re deliberating over which blush to go for, pick up your favourite lipstick and tap a small amount on to cheekbones. 

Never Mix Beauty Products
Especially beneficial for combination ladies, mixing products allows us to get the best out of our routines. Using both a smoothing primer (on the T-Zone) and an illuminating primer can result in a more even, brighter base for makeup. 
As for foundations, whether it be the same product to ensure you get the perfect colour for you – we find this is often necessary for ‘drugstore’ bases as the range of shades isn’t so varied. Or even two different foundations to create something that works for you. 
Blushers and even perfumes can be layered to create something unique to you – powder over cream blushers to set and create a deeper shade and the mixing of perfumes to create a signature scent. 

Always Use A Moisturiser
Although we do believe that a moisturiser is the most important component of a skincare routine, the addition of exfoliating overnight peels can work better when applied “neat”, without any other products interfering. Some of us may find this a little uncomfortable and will need to use a cream to nourish the skin, but products like Alpha H Liquid Gold should ideally be used alone for best results.

Blusher Should Be Applied On The Apples Of Cheeks
Rather than applying blush on the apples on the cheeks, which will pull the face downwards when you’re not smiling, opt for colour on the cheekbones to give the face some structure and definition. A sweep of colour further back on the cheeks will really highlight and frame the face. 

Use Brushes To Apply Makeup
While we do think you can achieve a flawless finish when using the right tools, sometimes using your fingers can have a similar result. When using cream shadows and blushers, the warmth from your fingers will blend the product in for a far more natural finish. For liquid foundations, we recommend applying the product to the face with the fingers and lightly buffing in before using a brush for a more blended result. 

When it comes to beauty, you can afford to experiment and bend the rules from time to time. What are the rules you tend to break? 

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